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PWR Test & Evaluation App


PWR Test & Evaluation App helps in managing the entire end-to-end online test evaluation of a person for a particular set of skills. When it comes to test evaluation and skill assessment, HR professionals face some common problems such as:

  • Time-consuming manual processes for conducting assessments

  • Manually checking the answers which consume a lot of  efforts

  • Manually picking and choosing up questions from different question banks to assemble a test section

  • Manually briefing the candidates about the type of questions, time limit, negative marking, etc

Why Choose PWR Test & Evaluation?

All -In -One Solution

Tool to perform online test evaluation of a person for particular set of skills

Usability Functions

Useful in employee pre interview scanning, performance assessment, skills assessment, gap assessment

Online Tests

Increase the quality of the talent pool by filtering out incompetent applicants

Time Efficient

No more time wasted in grading and ranking of the candidates after tests

Result Analytics

An equal, unbiased opportunity to get a view of test results.

Data Driven

 This means you can rely on good data to make important decisions – and not just their gut feeling.