PWR Performance Manager

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PWR Performance Manager

PWR Performance Manager app helps in managing the end-to-end performance appraisal process for any company. When it comes to managing performance and appraisal processes, HR professionals face many issues such as:

  • Manually adjusting performance period start date and end date of all the employees

  • Assigning employee KRA’s and maintaining records on spreadsheets which becomes too hectic to manage

  • Manually managing employee history such as attended trainings, certifications, webinars in the previous or current company

  • Manually providing self-assessment test to employees one by one which consumes a lot of time and efforts

  • Difficulty in managing accurate ratings which play a key integral role in employee performance and appraisal management.

With the help of the PWR Performance Manager, one can easily overcome the above-mentioned challenges and can effectively manage the entire performance appraisal process seamlessly. It streamlines the end-to-end appraisal process which will help to keep your employees engaged and focused on what’s most vital for the business.

Why Choose PWR Performance Manager?

End to end Solution

Manages performance appraisal end to end process


 User friendly, flexible and affordable application

360 Degree Assessment

Employee self rating, Manager ratings, Peers and team member ratings

Continuous Assessment

Employees and managers can update performance notes on an ongoing basis

Data Consolidation

Employee, reporting, experience, past performance records, KRAs all at one place


Maintain project, tasks, and timesheet easily