PWR Rollups


PWR Rollups Magic in Few Clicks

  • Power workflows is a 100% Salesforce native app which enables users to create roll-ups even if a master-detail relationship does NOT exist.

  • ​​Roll-up up to 5 levels in the hierarchy.

  • ​​Inbuild recalculate tool to perform rollup operation on thousands of existing records.

  • ​Auto-calculates the roll-up result on the new as well as on the old parent object in reparent scenarios.

  • ​Users can apply custom filters to the objects involved in the hierarchy level.

  • ​Includes the retry mechanism if any of the roll-up operations fail.

  • ​Users can effortlessly activate and deactivate roll-up actions.

  • ​Attractive UI through which users (Technical & Non-Technical) can quickly create rollups actions.

  • ​With the help of this UI, users can easily create multiple rollups at a time under a single action. As a result, it saves tons of time.

  • ​Users need not follow a lengthy process for field creation, the user can create a new field on an object at run time while creating the roll-up.