Salesforce Apps


PWR Property Manager

Property Manager helps you to manage multiple hotels and resorts seamlessly, and with a great amount of flexibility. PM helps you in dynamic price management, easy and real time inventory views.


Attachments.Expert behaves very similar to standard Salesforce attachments and provides flexibility to attach files to most Salesforce standard or any custom objects.

FTP Attachments new logo.jpg

FTP Attachments

FTP Attachments seamlessly integrates with the salesforce UI and offers a lot of benefits over native salesforce attachments. It provides cost benefit and a secure storage.


PWR Rollups

PWR Rollups allows rollup up to the 5 levels of object hierarchy. You can roll-up any Salesforce data: Count, sum, max, min, sum, and average roll-ups. Enables users to recalculate rollup on the existing records in few clicks.


PWR Components

Provides drag and drop-able Lightning Web Components that can be used on Home page, or App page, or Record details page to ease the use of record according to users custom requirement.