FTP Attachments is an ASP.NET web application that rides on and allows you to upload and store your files/attachments on your personal server (FTP/SFTP).

Major features:

  • FTP Attachments provides unlimited file storage space on your personal network set-up (FTP, Secure FTP, Amazon S3, or Local Hard Disk) instead of storing it on your Salesforce servers. This adds up to more security to your data/files as you have total ownership of your data along-with easy backups
  • It maintains versions of files with no in-built limit on file size or extensions. You can attach your documents to any standard or custom object
  • With FTP Attachments you can also create reports in Salesforce
  • This app is available in Hosted and Standalone mode
    • Hosted: The application is hosted with us for a nominal charge
    • Standalone: You can install it on your own server

FTP Attachments Add-ons:

  • We have a Migrator tool that allows you to migrate your existing Salesforce attachments to your server. Our advanced migration tool automates files migration from Notes & Attachments to FTP Attachments
  • We also have an Email to Case feature as an add-on. The Email-to-Case functionality is mainly used when a user wants to create a case in Salesforce through email with attachments. All the attachments in an email are automatically converted into Salesforce files. So that the customer representatives can conveniently preview the documents. This feature is available in all the editions of Salesforce with classic and lightning experience support